Weight Loss

Weight Loss


​Are YOU​ a part of the Big Fat Trap?

$20 Billion spent, 108 million dieters, 4-5 attempts each year, 95% Failure Rate!

They promise the world… We promise the truth.

Let Tina Long’s 23 year experience and her staff at Parker Day and Med Spa share the Secrets of how she lost 9 sizes and kept it off…no “sugar coated” promises, no gimmicks, no fads, no pills.

GET THE FACTS– Consult Fee Waived

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Parker Med Spa Weight Loss Options That Aid in faster, healthier results:

Alcat Testing Zerona Lapex Lipo laser Yolo Curve Lapex Lipo laser Tri Phasic Resonator

Fat Mover


Nutritional Supplements

Healthy food sent right to your door, according to your Alcat Infrared Sauna Vibration Plate Lymphatic Massage Tabata Training Reflexology

Oxygen Bar

Ion Foot Cleanse

Suddenly Slender Body Wraps

Structural Analysis

Postural Correction

Mud wraps

We will teach you the tools to help release any blocks, and provide extra assistance where YOU need or want to succeed in reaching your personal weight-loss goal.  You can keep off the unwanted weight, while knowing you are making conscious decisions when you decide to ‘cheat’ on your program!

Never look down on anybody, unless you’re helping them up!


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