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What You Can Expect

Whether you want a relaxing massage to transform you from a stress ball back into the you, you remember
or you want to transform your body or skin, we are your transformation destination.


Inviting Surroundings
The charm of our free-standing century-old Victorian filled with soothing lights, relaxing music, and calming aromas, is the perfect hide-a-way in the city.
Knowledgeable, Caring Staff

Friendly staff and skilled, educated practitioners help you determine the perfect spa experience for you.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Soft robes, cozy rooms, refreshing beverages, even a yummy spa lunch with some packages. Just the things to relax your body and sooth your spirit.


Our years of amazing results speak to our customer’s satisfaction. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of customer service.


body sugaring
Reasons I personally love sugar? It’s safe for the skin and more sanitary versus other hair removal methods – you use one ball of sugar for the entire service so there is no risk of contamination, it’s all natural – literally it is water, sugar and lemon – you can eat it if you really want to; there is SO much less waste versus waxing – at the end of a service you have used 2 gloves, a small ball of sugar, a pre- & a post- skin-care product, and a warm wet towel (for cleanup); which brings me to my next point: it’s water-soluble. There is little to no cleanup and NO leftover wax residue on the skin.  I am able to sugar myself once every 3-4 weeks and have most definitely seen a reduction in my hair growth. A nice thing about sugar, also, is that it is able to grab the hair at about 1/16 of an inch versus 1/4 of an inch like with waxing – it makes maintenance much more convenient as you don’t have to wait as long to be hair free. It leaves my skin feeling extremely soft and feeling very healthy – as I used to wax, I fell into problems with ingrown hairs, specifically around my bikini area; since I started sugaring regularly about a year ago, this problem has consistently decreased and I feel my skin is much healthier.  With Alexandria Professional body sugaring, it pulls the hair in the natural direction of growth (versus against it such as in waxing). This leads to better, longer lasting results and is what over time leads to a more permanent hair reduction as it is actually pulling the hair from the follicle instead of just breaking the hair off at skin level.    I can not say enough about sugar. I simply LOVE it.

Tina Long, Owner

Experienced Leadership

I have been in the medical field since 1998. I worked as a Medical Assistant for Dr. Larry Odekirk for 5 years. My duties included blood draws, x-rays, assisting in hemorrhoidectomies, and vasectomies. I become a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist in 1993. I now have over 11,000 hands-on hours (anyone over 10,000 hours becomes a Master Massage Therapist). My practice of 5 CMT’s worked primarily on auto accident and worker compensation injuries. Dr. Jeffrey Klein would let me observe some of his surgeries in the operating room on the clients that I would work on for him. From there, I evolved into adding a laser to the practice in 1998. Since then, Parker Med Spa now has 7 lasers for almost all your needs. With my education and 17 years experience in the medial field, I have great understanding.

This is what makes coming to Parker Med Spa a must. I am in total contact with my clinicians and I am always available for questions from my VERY experienced staff as well as our patients.

Certified Laser Technician   Certified Zerona Technician   Registered Medical Assistant  Master Massage Therapist   Member of the Better Business Bureau   Member of the Parker Chamber of Commerce   Parker Town Council Member

Dedicated Practitioners

Our Team

At Parker Day & Med Spa, our philosophy is simple. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and hold ourselves to the highest standard of customer service. We are committed to using our expertise in the weight loss industry to identify and provide the right services to our customers at the best price in a timely and professional manner.