A Unique Spa Destination

Hoskins House

Located in a historic landmark, nestled in the Victorian section of Downtown Parker, we are a perfect in-town destination boutique spa.

Make a Day of It!

With great restaurants and shopping, downtown Parker makes the perfect in-town get-a-way for a bit of pampering, tasty dining, and unique shopping.

Do Lunch

From the elegant wine bar Vines, to the farm-to-table cuisine of Parker Garage, the Americana cuisine of Elev. 5900, or the award-winning Thai and Viet cuisine of Indochine, there are plenty of choices to start off or cap off your day in Parker. Save room for a Nordic inspired cup of coffee at Fika, a gourmet cupcake at Nomelie, or a frozen yoghurt at Swirls. An those are just a few options in the neighborhood!

Experience a bit of history

Our home in Hoskins House still reflects some of Vermont native Edward Wallace Hoskins’ original vision. Hoskins and wife Maude Hurbert Bicknell, a school teacher, immigrated to Colorado in 1910 because of his failing health.

A painter and decorator by trade, and when physically able, Hoskins purchased a 50’ by 150’ lot in Dr. Walter Heath’s “Vermont” addition to Parker, in 1911 and had a nice two-story home built on the property that has since been expanded and turned into the cozy location of our spa.

Maude was elected Superintendent of Douglas County Schools in 1914. She initiated several innovative programs while in the position, such as the idea of “Centrals”, which were groupings of schools that would interact scholastically and in other activities. She also founded the first parent-teacher association in Parker.

Read more about Edward and Maude.


I love Parker Med Spa My name is Faye Montgomery and I love coming here to Parker Med Spa, it’s just wonderful and what they done for me it’s fabolous, it really is and people who have not been please come and take advantage of what’s given at Parker Med Spa.. it’s just wonderful. I have had a problem with my hips and they help me so much, for that I am so grateful, it’s..I just want everybody to come!
Faye Montgomery