About YOLO Curve Lapex Lipo Laser (YOLO)

About YOLO Curve Lapex Lipo Laser (YOLO)

YOLO Curve Lapex Lipo Fat Emulsifying Laser (YOLO)

The frequencies of the laser melt the fat within the cell depositing it into your interstitial fluid. Once in this fluid, it moves into your lymphatic system and turns to Lipase. Once it turns into Lipase, your body can get rid of it.

The beauty of this laser is it spot treats. The upside of this laser is it has pads that touch your body that help elasticize your tissue. The downside is, the pads are the size of our hands and only treat a small area at a time. These fat emulsification lasers only work if you are working on it, too.

Exercise and proper diet are all essential. Your fat cell closes after 24 hrs and the fat reabsorbs after 2 weeks. The laser melts the fat 4 centimeters deep! This laser helps melt triglycerides thus lowering our bad cholesterol levels.

YOLO Curve Lapex Lipo Laser also helps melt the fat in our organs that years of improper eating has developed.

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