Another Way To Stay Healthy

If you take care of yourself, get plenty of exercise, eat right and remember to get your annual flu shot you’re well on your way to year round good health.  There’s something more that you can do however, something that you may not have considered or even been aware of.

Having a massage is a good way to relieve muscle tightness and bring a sense of relaxation to an otherwise hectic lifestyle but there’s more, it can actually boost your immune system!  

Caregivers working with people who suffer from a weakened immune system have reported excellent results from massage therapy.  That same experience can also benefit those of us who are concentrated on doing everything possible to ward off the colds and flu associated with a seasonal environment.   Massage helps to stimulate the white blood cells that keep us free of bacterial infection.

People who are at a high risk for stress seem to get sick more frequently than those who enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle.  Regular sessions of massage therapy can help to keep those stress levels down and strengthen immunity in the process.

Isn’t it great to know that something so pleasurable can also be so good for your health, and now is the best time to start a massage therapy regimen. Consult with the experts at Parker Med Spa to determine if massage therapy might be beneficial to your needs.  Ask about our package offers as well. Call 303-816-3485 today.


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