Ask About Dermaplane At The Parker Med Spa

Have you ever been tempted to grab a razor and shave off that unsightly facial hair?  Don’t do it, there’s a better way!   It’s called dermaplaning and it is done professionally with a specifically designed surgical blade.

Dermaplaning scales away the layer of dead skin on your face as it removes the unwanted vellus hair popularly known as “peach fuzz.”  When exfoliated your skin will become more receptive to the penetrating factor of various other skin treatments.

The belief that removing vellus hair will only encourage it to grow back in even thicker is not credible.  Dermaplaning will successfully get rid of these fine hair filaments that can trap oils and dirt particles leaving the skin healthier and smooth to the touch.  A dermaplaning treatment can also improve patchy skin tone and reduce the minimal scarring effects left behind by prior skin eruptions.

Cell rejuvenation is known to slow down as we age which can result  in a buildup of dead cells on the skin.  Dermaplaning is often recommended as a method of removal.

People who have undergone the treatment have described it as being a pleasant, even relaxing experience and have reported positive long terms effects such as a decrease in wrinkles and age spots.

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