Lie Back And Relax

Massage therapy is all about relaxation and nothing contributes more to achieving a peaceful state of both mind and body than a tranquil environment.  Spa patrons should expect to be pampered, this is one time when self- indulgence is appropriate.  When you enter the world of the spa you should be taken away to a place free from the daily hassle of outside influences.

What comes to mind when you contemplate a relaxing atmosphere?  Subtle lighting, soothing sounds and softly flickering candles are often part of the scene at a spa that wants to provide an appropriate background for the therapeutic services that they offer.

Environment is key, that’s a given but no spa can succeed without the experience and talent of the therapists who render the services.  Regular spa goers will tell you that there is a big difference between an exceptional experience and a so-so one and that the determining factor is most often the expertise of the therapist.

A good spa therapist will be able to tell if a client is open to conversation or if he or she would rather just quietly enjoy the treatment.  The therapist should explain the techniques involved in the treatment and what purpose they serve as the session goes along.  Oils or lotions should be introduced before they are applied.

Parker Med Spa offers various treatment packages to meet your personal needs.  Details are available on the website  Make your appointment today, call 303-351-5943.


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