Body Sugaring (Saturdays Only)



Body Sugaring is now being offered at Parker Day and Med Spa!  Sugaring is a painless alternative to waxing with little to no clean up to have you out and on your way feeling and looking fresh.

A major benefit to Body Sugaring instead of waxing is that sugaring does not adhere to live skin cells unlike waxing, which is what causes irritation and pain after waxing.  Sugaring does not do this, but it does provide exfoliation of dead skin cells and smooth skin along with the hair removal process… Not to mention it’s water soluble which means easy clean up, and no sticky leftover wax residue.  Sugaring is natural and is not done at high temperatures, so there is no risk of burning.  If you have been burned by bad waxing experiences, but are still looking for the smooth, alluring appeal of hair removal, then call us today to set up an appointment to try this wonderful new service for yourself.. You won’t be disappointed!


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