Cannabis (CBD) Massage



The Cannabis Massage does NOT contain THC, which means you will not get high and you won’t fail any drug tests!  Researchers have found many preventative and healing properties in the cannabis plant, and the most beneficial, medicinal, natural, and non-narcotic biochemical is Cannabidiol, or more commonly know as CBD.  CBD has recently been employed to treat children with epilepsy and other seizure-causing neurological disorders, as well as anxiety disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, spasms, manic depression, nausea, schizophrenia, and more.  CBD is not psychotropic, which means it is not mind-altering like the other main biochemical in Cannabis, THC, therefore it has been cleared to treat adults as well as children.  The efficacy of CBD has been proven in lab tests, and the results are astounding.  Check out a short video on the benefits of CBD.    Click Here To View Video!

Slip into a comfy robe and enjoy some time in the sauna before your treatment begins.  The Cannabis Massage is a deeply relaxing 60 minutes of Deep Tissue or Swedish massage wherein the completely legal CBD oil is combined with our lotions/oils and magnesium for the healing oil to be absorbed transdermally with the utmost efficiency.  This amazing service will leave you pain-free and floating on air as you leave the spa. It is an hour and a half in length.  The Oxygen Bar is a great addition to this treatment, because you can never have too much oxygen in your brain and blood!

Massage can alleviate all types of back pain, migraines, and reduce anxiety as well as depression.  The healing benefits of massage can also increase immunity, flexibility, tissue regeneration, and the reduction of scar tissue.  The benefits also include stress reduction and endorphin promotion, increased circulation and increased oxygen to your vital organs, and reduces post-surgery swelling.  Massage can assist athletes in preparing for an event, aid in training, or can help with the post-workout/post-game pain.  Even expectant mothers can use massage to make labor a little easier, and new moms can use the benefits to detox and get back in shape!

Here at Parker Day and Med Spa you can customize your massage every time you come in to ensure that your particular needs of that treatment are met.  Just let your massage therapist know what ails you, and allow their healing hands and expertise to get you back to homeostasis.

The benefits of massage extend far beyond what is expressed here, but we do recommend consulting your physician before proceeding with massage when dealing with new pregnancies, serious injuries, cancer, or when taking blood thinning medications.

Disease is directly correlated to stress, so come see how our healing hands can help you today!


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