YOLO Curve Zerona Package B (Weight Loss)


Infrared Detoxifying Sauna

Whole Body Vibration Plate

9 Zerona and YOLO Curve Fat Melting Sessions

Suddenly Slender Wrap


Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Your fat cells job is to encapsulate anything that it deems not good for YOUR body.
Remember Pac Man? Starting when you were in utero, your body started to “Pac Man” things and stuffing them into fat cells. Our body is a vessel. Throughout our lifetime our ‘vessel’ is like a trash compactor, with all the things we consume, being packed in. Blood is not moving very well at this point which it makes us very tired and sluggish, as well as plain old sick. Let our FDA approved Zerona Lapex Lipo Laser and FDA approved Yolo Curve Lapex Lipo Laser to empty out your fat cells. We combine lasers with our far infrared sauna and movement plates to aid in removing the toxins from your body. Our lasers melt 4 cm deep. The lasers have been known to melt triglycerides as well as the fat on your organs! What are you waiting for!?



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