Just a stone’s throw from Parker’s Mainstreet, at the end of peaceful Pikes Peak Ave, a charming yellow Victorian house is surrounded by grand, decades-old leafy cottonwoods. A faint breeze rustles the branches allowing rays of bright dancing sunshine to glisten against the new yellow siding. It is the type of idyllic setting that you might find in a child’s storybook or perhaps a grandmother’s tranquil country home.


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Tina Long

TinaOwnerParker Med SpaParker, Colorado

GO GO GO. I can’t say enough about how worth it it is, especially for Moms-to-be!
I have been to Parker Day spa for MANY massages, primarily prenatal. I cannot say enough about how fantastic my experience here was. I will most definitely be back when baby 2 is on the way. I joined the massage club to get the much-needed relief on a monthly basis through my pregnancy. I had Sooz as my therapist and she was just awesome. She made me feel so at ease and was great at responding to my needs. Having major back aches, calf cramping and carpal tunnel issues due to my pregnancy, I was very much in need of help. Sooz made such a huge difference and provided tremendous relief.

The pregnancy table is a HUGE plus as well. I have literally called a couple dozen places in the Denver metro area (maybe more) and NOBODY else has the table with the hole for your belly. It may not seem like that big of a deal, but when your back aches, there is no relief like getting to lay on your front with your belly not straining your back. Most places will say that side-lying is just fine because you’re used to it anyway, since you have to sleep on your side in pregnancy, but that is exactly why I NEEDED alternate relief. Plus, my baby LOVED it – it was like he had double the space to roll and stretch and move.

I recently recommended Sooz and this day spa to my pregnant colleague and she finally went after a couple months of encouraging and she agreed that it was incredible and the relief was amazing. Not to mention, their price is very reasonable. They even let me use my monthly massage credit and pay for an extra hour in the same month for a 2-hour treatment… a.ma.zing! It was also pretty perfect that they could accommodate a couples’ massage with the pregnancy table so my hubby and I could relax for an anniversary celebration even when I was at 37 weeks.

Mom To Befrom Insider Page

I love Parker Med Spa

My name is Faye Montgomery and I love coming here to Parker Med Spa, it’s just wonderful and what they done for me it’s fabolous, it really is and people who have not been please come and take advantage of what’s given at Parker Med Spa.. it’s just wonderful.

I have had a problem with my hips and they help me so much, for that I am so grateful, it’s..I just want everybody to come!

Faye Montgomeryfrom Insider Page

Parker Med Spa it’s amazing!!!

Hi, my name is Frentz Ednefey and I am at a contestant for Miss Colorado, I’ve been coming here to Parker Med Spa for a long time, Tina and her staff were been absolutely amazing.

I’ve been doing the Shake ‘N Bake for the last two weeks and I’ve seen fenomenal results. Tina originally suggested that I should try the YOLO And the Zerona Laser but just with the Shake ‘n Bake alone it’s just been amazing and also a lot of the ladies I’ve seen have also used the YOLO and Zerona and they are seeing results that actually work and last..over here at Parker Med Spa.

Frentz Ednefeyfrom Insider Page

Hi, my name is Helen and Tina has been working at my face for nearly 2 years now, I’ve started with a lot of post menopausal mustache and chin hairs which are almost gone and she’s done a CO2 laser and helped me on the eye area, I am very happy that now I am a regular client of Parker Med Spa.

Come here and enjoy the wonderful treatments that Parker Med Spa has to offer.

Helenfrom Insider Page

“A great way to lose a few inches and get a relaxing massage! I’m down 1.5 inches!”

– Lauren S., Denver client review of Parker Med Spa InfraSlim Body Suit Weight Loss, Inch Loss, Contouring

I've Lost 1.5" with InfraSlim

“I have had amazing success with the suit! I lost 4 inches from my waist in 2 months. I have so much energy now! I’m hooked!

– Sara K., client review of Parker Med Spa InfraSlim Body Suit Weight Loss, Inch Loss, Contouring

I've lost 4 inches with InfraSlim

“This is my favorite body secret! Love It! Try it, if you haven’t.”

-Kaya J., Parker client review of Parker Med Spa InfraSlim Body Suit Weight Loss, Inch Loss, Contouring

InfraSlim is My Favorite Body Contouring Secret

“This a great way to melt fat cells, and an awesome massage and relaxation experience!”

– Janell C., Colorado client review of Parker Med Spa InfraSlim Body Suit Weight Loss, Inch Loss, Contouring

Melt Fat Cells with InfraSlim Body Suit

I recently had the Zerona treatment at Parker Day Spa and I have to say that it was the best thing that I could have done for myself. I really was skeptical regarding the results that I would receive and I have to say that I was extremely surprised. During the treatments I definitely noticed a difference in the way that my clothes were fitting. Soon after the treatments were done I dropped an entire pant size. Since then I have been dieting and am so excited because I have now dropped another size. Everyone (including family) has asked me what I have done.

Privatefrom Insider Page

I would love to tell everyone of my awesome experience at Parker Day Spa doing the Zerona body slimming treatments. It is 6 painless treatments over 2 weeks. I saw results within a few days, and now that I am done with the whole set of laser treatments and lypossage, I am very happy with my new figure! I have lost a whole size and can now get into my skinny jeans and the form fitting clothes I use to be too self-conscious to wear! Yah! The practitioners were very experienced and helpful and really took good care of me the whole time and come highly recommended. They also encouraged me to eat a healthy diet and exercise more during and after treatments and it has given me the boost I need to continue this healthy lifestyle! Thank you so much!

Privatefrom Insider Page

I have been going to PDS for about four years, now, and I will never go any where else. The employees are the warmest folks you’ll ever meet!! They are all very professional and very good at their area of expertise. Tina, the owner, always greets me with down home friendliness, which makes me feel so welcome!!

Privatefrom Insider Page

Holy smoke…PDS is exceptional, beyond the norm, and a joy to visit…how could anyone ever say otherwise??!! I am a massage junky for 26 years, had one there yesterday for 1.5 hours (thanks Toby!), been getting one or more once a week for that whole 26 years, and over here at PDS for 5 years now. Thats 50+ a year at PDS each year for the past 5…with a variety of folks including the owner Tina, Mel, Toby, and more. The place is friendly and clean, the work is great, they are professional and fair…I can not say enough great things about them. As a seasoned business owner, 50 year old demanding male with a lot of body damage from Martial Arts, someone that has “been around the block”, and who can read between the lines, if you see so many folks happy, and a few way out in left field during reviews, those are suspect and you need to toss them out of the mix. Yay for Tina and all of her staff…bravo!!

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