Acne Treatments

This deep cleansing treatment is great for clogged pores or problematic skin. Steam and extractions are followed by a clarifying mask to kill bacteria and balance the skin. Includes a skin analysis that will determine a personalized skin care regimen to help prevent future breakouts.

Acne Treatments with Lasers: The Candela Gentlelase Plus can be used for hormonal acne; this is the same laser that is used for laser hair removal. Typically has acne gone the day after treatment.

Acne Facials:

We begin this skin treatment with a clarifying cleanser which breaks up acne and exfoliates the skin. Disincrustation paste and steam is applied to pull impurities from the skin in preparation for extractions. We then apply a medicated toner to eliminate bacteria while it dissolves dead skin and sebum. We finish with an oil-free moisturizer.

Blue Light Therapy for Treatment of Acne

This service is a photo-dynamic therapy that emits blue light to kill bacteria within the acne. There is no downtime with blue light therapy, and it’s great for acne maintenance.

Blue Light Therapy – Anti-Bacterial Light for Treatment of Acne: $110

Acne Treatments with Chemical Peels:

Isolaz Profusion Broadband Light Therapy: Broadband Light w/Vacuum – Acne Treatment, combines suction and broadband light to clear the skin of acne. The vacuum applies pressure to the pores to loosen them up and allow for dirt, oil and blackheads to be extracted. The broadband light then helps to kill bacteria and reduces redness. Will leave skin slightly red and blotchy for a few hours after treatment. Great acne treatment; can also be used for skin plumping and a slight reduction of pink and brown spots on skin.

Acne Treatment Package:


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