Compare Body Contouring Treatments

Compare Body Contouring Treatments

Compare Body Contouring Treatments: Liposuction vs. Cool Sculpting vs. Cryo-T Shock vs. Zerona vs. Yolo Curve

What are the basic differences between these FDA-Approved Detox Lasers: liposuction, Cool Sculpting, Cryo-T Shock, Zerona and Yolo Curve—and which treatment should you choose, for your kids sake and your own healthy existence?

First, let me tell you a little bit of my story…

I had liposuction and breast implants, in 2002. Within months, I had packed on EVERYTHING I’d had removed, PLUS some! My breasts were size HH. I had never heard of such a bra size! I thought “…liposuction and Cool Sculpting make the fat cell go away forever, you say?” Yes, those fat cells that are eliminated during those procedures are gone forever! BUT, the remaining fat cells will continue to grow and reproduce—7 to 10 pounds every year really add up, right!?

I was a mechanic on airplanes in the Air Force. The oxygen system was one of my systems to repair. IF there is an emergency and you do not put on your oxygen mask first, you may not be able to help anyone else—like those who are dearest and nearest to you! So, after I explain the differences between your detox options—I’ll give you more tips about how to maximize the results of your chosen treatment/s.

Liposuction is an invasive surgical procedure that literally sucks out fat cells from your troubled areas. The recovery time is about 6 weeks, if you don’t get infections. It is a painful recovery with a lot of swelling.

Cool Sculpting is a treatment that freezes fat cells in your troubled areas. This is a painful procedure and takes an average of 3-5 treatments for maximum results. What you are NOT told is if you don’t change what you put in your pie hole (mouth), the results from your Cool Sculpting treatments will be short lived or never seen.

Zerona and Yolo Curve detox lasers are painless and FDA-Approved to do exactly what they say. The lasers make your fat cells dump their contents causing detoxification. Remember, your fat cells have been Pac-Manning and storing anything your body couldn’t process (namely toxins). We are like trash compactors! Feel your troubled (fat) areas. Normally these fatty areas are cooler to the touch, your fat cells just keep compacting and concreting in the toxins so there is little blood flow in these areas. Do you smoke? Are you sedentary? You can see why your blood isn’t moving very well through every cell of your body—it’s all clogged up.

If you still have loose skin, Cryo-T Shock is a virtually painless procedure from Italy. It uses heat, then freezing, then heat, to reduce fat and help shrink-wrap your skin!

Before Treatment/s:

Far infrared saunas help to initiate the process of making the fat cells swell and dump their contents into your blood stream.

ALCAT Blood Test: You should get bloodwork done to determine the health of your blood and determine what food allergies you have. You may think that you already eat healthy foods, but certain foods still cause inflammation throughout your body—specifically in your gut. Your circulatory system is carrying your inflammation from your gut to EVERY part of your body keeping the rest of your body tissues and organs inflamed, including your brain! So, close attention must be paid to your nutrition intake post detox procedures, or you end up back where you started!

Give Blood: When your blood is removed, your body kicks in to make brand-spankin’ new blood! BUT, make sure to donate blood AFTER you start eating from your ALCAT-approved list of non-inflammatory foods.
Fiber and magnesium are known to be a great addition always to help your digestion system ‘dump’ daily, too. Constipation also leads to toxicity in your body.

 After Treatment/s:

Additional Treatments: In addition, combine the following treatments for maximum detox, fat loss / fat melt and body contouring: ionic foot baths, Infraslim, lymphatic massages, movement plates, plus more, all help rid the body of the toxins being stored by your fat cells.

Compression Garment: Weight loss is a side effect of detox. Wearing a compression garment is necessary with all of the procedures to ‘tell’ your tissue where to re-elastisize.

Nutrition: Be sure to eat non-inflammatory foods on your ALCAT Blood Test results list.


You will start to feel physically better within the first 7 to 10 days of detoxing with Zerona and Yolo Curve lasers (after 3-5 sessions).

In Conclusion:

You take your car to get its oil changed and other necessary services.You are YOUR vehicle to get around in. Isn’t it time to get you tuned up and cleaned out for a healthier and longer life?

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