Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration

This is a Low Level Laser Light Therapy. This laser is pre-programmed for hair growth. The Rife frequencies preprogrammed into the laser make your scalp and follicles healthy to start regrowth.  This produces great results. This does not work on those already bald. Also works great on Alopecia.

Application of LLT improves the health of existing hair, and sustained use stimulates the growth of new hair as well. This non-invasive method of treatment provides a cosmetic cure to hair loss problems. The treatment involves merely sitting under a series of lights, similar looking to an old fashioned beauty shop hair dryer. The pores on the scalp are expanded by the heat. An invisible infrared radiation is emitted,which increases cellular metabolism, therein making the scalp healthy to grow hair again!

Laser Hair Restoration, at Parker Med Spa, uses Low Level Laser Therapy in conjunction with home care to enhance your hair growth treatments. The combined therapies provide superior results as compared to any other healing method involving the use of a single product only.

The treatment is 25 minutes two times a week for 8 weeks, and then reduces to one time a week for the duration of the year (60 treatments).

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