PRP Treatment for Hair Loss Prevention & Restoration

For thinning or balding men or women. Whether your hair is thinning or gone due to damage of hormones, or conditions like Alopecia, we can help prevent hair loss. With the use of our medical micro-needling system and/or co2 fractional laser, we pretreat your scalp so that our PRP can penetrate the tissue and get your DNA revved-up to restart hair growth. (if you are bald-we start with a derma-plane treatment to remove dead skin cells. Numbing cream is applied.) Within 6 weeks, you will start to see hair sprouting!

  • Hair Restoration with PRP – 3 Treatments: $1,199
    Hair Restoration Amenities: 15-minutes in our far infrared sauna prepares your cells for the treatment, according to your skin type or hair loss, we will medical microneedle your scalp or co2 fractional laser it to ‘open’ your tissue, we then apply PRP, followed by our beachwood hair clinic laser used for hair growth.

Stimulate Healing Response with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a therapy that utilizes a patient’s own blood to stimulate a healing response within  damaged tissue. This form of therapy takes cutting edge technology and combines it with the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

PRP is made by taking a small sample of a patient’s own blood and spinning the sample in a centrifuge for fifteen minutes. This process concentrates platelets and white blood cells in what is called  “LIQUID GOLD” that is extracted and delivered to the injured tissue. Growth factors in the platelets recruit and produce cells necessary for faster healing, head hair growth and also anti-aging effects.

ADD Healing Laser to Hair Restoration Treatment

A Low Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT) is pre-programmed for hair growth. The Rife frequencies preprogrammed into the laser make your scalp and follicles healthy to start regrowth—producing great results for clientele who need to stimulate growth, or who have Alopecia. This laser does NOT work on those who are already bald.

Application of LLLT improves the health of existing hair, and sustained use stimulates the growth of new hair as well. This non-invasive method of treatment provides a cosmetic prevention to hair loss problems. The treatment involves merely sitting under a series of lights, similar looking to an old fashioned beauty shop hair dryer. The pores on the scalp are expanded by the heat. An invisible infrared radiation is emitted, which increases cellular metabolism, therein, making the scalp healthy to grow hair again!

Laser Hair Restoration, at Parker Med Spa, uses Low Level Laser Therapy in conjunction with home care to enhance your hair growth treatments. The combined therapies provide superior results as compared to any other healing method involving the use of a single product only.

The treatment is 25 minutes, two times a week, for 8 weeks, and then reduces to: one time a week, for the duration of the year (60 treatments).


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