Hair Restoration

For thinning or balding men or women. Whether your hair is thinning or gone-we can help. With the use of our medical micro-needling system and/or co2 fractional laser, we pretreat your scalp so that our PRP can penetrate the tissue and get your DNA revved-up to restart hair growth. (if you are bald-we start with a derma-plane treatment to remove dead skin cells. Numbing cream is applied.) Within 6 weeks, you will start to see hair sprouting!

Hair Restoration Amenities:

  • 15-minutes in our far infrared sauna prepares your cells for the treatment.
  • according to your skin type or hair loss, we will medical micro needle your scalp or co2 fractional laser it to ‘open’ your tissue.
  • we then apply PRP
  • followed by our beachwood hair clinic laser used for hair growth.

Hair Restoration with PRP: $400 per session

Hair Restoration with PRP – 3 Treatments: $1,199



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