Isolaz Therapy

Isolaz Therapy

The pulsed light used for Isolaz therapy simultaneously extracts cystic acne, while zapping to kill any bacteria inside to prevent future breakouts!

This type of therapy is a breakthrough aesthetic treatment that uses a revolutionary combination of pneumatic energy and broadband light. Isolaz treatments are clinically proven to be effective and safe.

Isolaz therapy is the first and only therapy to effectively combine pneumatic energy (vacuum) with broadband light. Isolaz therapy differs from other laser and light based treatments in that they are five times more efficient in the delivery of energy to unwanted pigment and veins.

Treatments are associated with side effects such as redness, crusting, or other usual post treatment discomforts when using it for Photo Rejuvenation. Isolaz therapy is four to seven times faster than treatments with other laser or light based technologies. It does not require pre-treatments with topical anesthetics, which results in reducing treatment time by 60 minutes.

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