Shake ‘n Bake with Oxygen Bar: Full Month Unlimited


Awaken your body starting at the cellular level in our infrared sauna.  Enjoy oxygen while on our vibration plate to move the Oxygen all through your body!  Bring your body back to life!


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Parker Med Spa it’s amazing!!!

Hi, my name is Frentz Ednefey and I am at a contestant for Miss Colorado, I’ve been coming here to Parker Med Spa for a long time, Tina and her staff were been absolutely amazing.

I’ve been doing the Shake ‘N Bake for the last two weeks and I’ve seen fenomenal results. Tina originally suggested that I should try the YOLO And the Zerona Laser but just with the Shake ‘n Bake alone it’s just been amazing and also a lot of the ladies I’ve seen have also used the YOLO and Zerona and they are seeing results that actually work and last..over here at Parker Med Spa.

Frentz Ednefeyfrom Insider Page


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