Holy smoke…PDS is exceptional, beyond the norm, and a joy to visit…how could anyone ever say otherwise??!! I am a massage junky for 26 years, had one there yesterday for 1.5 hours (thanks Toby!), been getting one or more once a week for that whole 26 years, and over here at PDS for 5 years now. Thats 50+ a year at PDS each year for the past 5…with a variety of folks including the owner Tina, Mel, Toby, and more. The place is friendly and clean, the work is great, they are professional and fair…I can not say enough great things about them. As a seasoned business owner, 50 year old demanding male with a lot of body damage from Martial Arts, someone that has “been around the block”, and who can read between the lines, if you see so many folks happy, and a few way out in left field during reviews, those are suspect and you need to toss them out of the mix. Yay for Tina and all of her staff…bravo!!

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