Massage & Facial Club

Save up to 33% by joining the Massage & Facial Club, which includes one 60-minute Swedish Massage, one 60-minute Deep Tissue Massage, or one 60-minute Signature Facial per month

  • Choose from one 60-minute Swedish Massage, one 60-minute Deep Tissue Massage, or one 60-minute facial per month
  • Cost of the Massage & Facial Club is $69.95 per month
  • Any additional massages/facials are $69.95 each
  • Massages and facials are non-transferable
  • Any unused facial or massage is not rolled over into the next month
  • 6-month commitment required
60-Minute Swedish Massage

Relaxing massage! Take the stress out of your mind and muscles. Relax and rejuvenate with a full body massage accompanied by moist heat packs. Long flowing strokes, kneading, and stretching relieve stress and tension while releasing toxins from the body.

60-Minute Deep Tissue Massage

Chronic pain patterns, such as shoulder, neck, and back pain, often need a more specific attention. Deep tissue massage or therapeutic massage, accompanied by heat to loosen the body, focuses on muscle spasms, “knots” and problem areas to bring relief from accumulated stress, tension or injury or any pain.

60-Minute Signature Facial

Pamper your skin with a deep cleansing facial with enzymes to remove impurities, a relaxing massage to tone, and a custom mask to rejuvenate and nourish the skin with moisture.