Pre-Event Weight Loss Package

Pre-Event Weight Loss Package

Lose the Bulge in 9 Easy Sessions

Wedding? High School Reunions? Family Reunions? Big Birthday Bash? or just because…we will help YOU lose the bulge in 9 easy sessions.

My mom calls her abdominal rolls, her BAKery!

She came into town with three rolls in her abdominal area and after 9 sessions-reduced it to one!

The system literally melts the fat and converts it into water!

You do need to wear a compression garment to tell your tissue where to re-elasticize.

(We sell medical-grade garments from $85 to $125.)


Celebrities for Infra-Slim

Our Infra-Slim suit works amazing! Far Infrared dumps fat cells. The Infra-Slim Suit puts out Far Infrared and compresses at the same time. (Really feels good to get a nice squeeze!). We have you start in our Far Infrared Sauna for 15 minutes; then, we put you in the Infra-Slim Suit for 35 minutes! You are fully clothed the whole time. Be sure to wear gym clothes-long sleeved shirt and pants when you come in for this treatment.

My Experience with Infra-Slim

I am now 10 sizes smaller and have no saggy skin—after I personally experienced InfraSlim for 9 sessions! Come see Parker Med Spa! We can help you feel better about how you look!

We also offer lymphatic massages, Ionic foot baths, Lipo-Lean injections, plus much more to help get you where you want to be.


Tomorrow never comes—CALL AND START TODAY

I have been in the weight loss industry since 1990! Let my experience motivate your body transformation!

Tina, owner
Parker Med Spa

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